Controlling Stress

 It is often
said that a man or a woman can live many years without any medicine if he or
she does not suffer from any kind of stress. In modern society, people’s anxiety
and thereafter the rising physical problems compound to the reduced life span
and a host of illnesses.

  One might dismiss the persistent backache or
the nagging headache as overwork. The picture is even gloomier at the kids’ front.
Unable to cope with pressure, they drop out of school and even commit suicide. Experts
feel that the incidence of child suicide will further rise and if things are
not put in the right perspective, the matter will go beyond control at one
point in time.

   Let us, first of all, examine the kind of
stress that usually happens and what are the various conventional ways of
combatting stress. Stress is simply a natural reaction to fear and anxiety. When
you feel stress, two hormones are released into the bloodstream, epinephrine
(popularly name adrenaline) and norepinephrine, called the “fight-fright-flight”
hormones. They bring about reactions in the body that first allow a person to
fight. That’s the familiar adrenaline surge and the accompanying high. Then the
fright sets in, you’re ready to drop it all and run away. In other words, your
brain sends you the message, you’re stressed. You might then sweat, have a headache,
or have a mild palpitation. As the situation worsens, the body pumps out more stress
hormones. Chronic ongoing stress can take their levels very high. This is bad
because they increase the ability of the blood to chat, which results in hypertension
and clogged arteries. The effect of stress is more profound than we can
imagine. Each experience of stress plays havoc with the body, aggravating
diseases like cardiac disorders, asthma, and even back problems. 


 To combat stress the essential steps are yoga,
breathing and relaxation, and introspective meditation. Regular exercise in the
gym is also one of the ways to build a healthy body and stress-free life. When anyone
exercises or meditates, the hormones imbalance in the body is reduced and the brain
learns to control the hormones released, signals of rest flow through the
nervous system.    

    Many companies try to tackle stress by
improving the workplace. This is especially so in the software industry where
relentless competition, the race to keep up with changing technology, and
working across international time zones are breeding grounds for stress.

     Let us
now evaluate certain factors that give rise to stress in kids. It is quite
unfortunate that students have to undergo stress problems due to the pressure of
scoring well in examinations and getting admission to reputed colleges and
later sound financial establishment in future life.

    Parents often put unsurmountable pressure
on their kids to achieve a percentage that is far greater than the usual
capabilities of the child. This gives trauma to the students, and in the process
rises problems when doctors are called for. This is too unfortunate for a

    The only salutation to eradicate stress
every human being should put of meditation or any other form of exercise to
de-stress the mind. A fresh mind can perform three times more work than a stress-affected
person can perform. Regular reading of good books also helps in the
de-stressing of the mind. But always remember, do not pop in tablets or
medicines frequently to de-stress yourself. Try and combat it yourself.     

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