Maradona’s Hand of God jersey at auction

 The scene of Maradona’s hand scoring goal in the quarter-final of the 1986 FIFA World Cup soccer in Mexico came to the fore. The number 10 jersey that the prince of football wore in that match is now up for auction. The minimum cost of the number 10 jersey has been kept at 4 million pounds. The auction will be held online from April 20 to May 4.

Maradona scored a pair of goals in that match. Shortly after the start of the second half, Maradona jumped into the England penalty box and put the ball into the net with his hand over the head of goalkeeper Peter Shilton. The England footballers demanded a handball, but the referee thought the Argentina legend had scored a goal by the head. Within four minutes of this controversial goal, fans were amazed at the magic of Maradona’s feet. He took the ball from his own half, dodged England’s 5 defenders, beat Shilton, and put the ball in the net. The goal was declared the best goal of the century by FIFA in 2002. Argentina defeated West Germany in the final and became the best team in the world for the second time.

Brahm Wacher, who is in charge of auctioning Maradona’s Hand of God jersey, says the list of those interested in collecting is long. Anyone can collect it personally and also on behalf of the museum. Ordinary football fans or any club can collect such invaluable material.

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