Football emperor in deep crisis


Panic began in the world of football.  It is not good to have a football emperor with cancer. The doctors said that his body is no longer responding to the chemotherapy treatments. He was transferred to the ‘palliative’ care unit at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. Only people whose lives are at risk are kept there.

Supporters are starting to worry about the injury-plagued Brazil camp in Qatar. Meanwhile, the deterioration of beloved Pele’s physical condition made them more depressed. In such cases, surgery or colonoscopy can no longer be performed. The hospital’s medical bulletin earlier said Pele had been diagnosed with a lung infection. It was also reported that the condition of the 82-year-old legend is stable. Pele’s daughter said Pele has been readmitted to the hospital for regular treatment. Antibiotics are being given there, she said. Pele was responding to that treatment. But his sudden transfer to the ‘palliative’ care unit has raised serious concerns.

Football fans in Qatar and the whole world are saddened to hear the news of Pele’s illness. Everyone is trying to keep him at least mentally fresh through greetings. Brazilians in Qatar held up a giant banner of a smiling Pele holding a soccer ball at the Lusail Stadium ahead of the Cameroon match on Friday. It was written on a giant flag, ‘Pele get well soon’. Pele himself told the media that he was admitted to the hospital for a regular medical check-up like every month. He is very happy with people’s love, respect, and greetings.

Incidentally, the tumor was removed from his intestine in 2021. It was then that he was diagnosed with cancer. In this climate of concern, the latest medical bulletins are reassuring. It is said that the physical condition of the legend is stable. Antibiotics are also working.

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