Like Maradona, Lionel Messi is dreaming of winning the world for Argentina


As the World Cup in Qatar progressed, Lionel Messi became brighter. Messi scored from the penalty in the first match against Saudi Arabia. But Argentina was hit hard by losing that match. Since then every match was like a knockout for them. Then Lionel Messi continued to improve every match. As the pressure increased, the crowd was mesmerized by his game. 

Messi’s opponent in the final is a very strong team, France. Don’t give up easily. However, Messi is a character whose victory will be prayed for in different parts of the world. There is no doubt that Messi is the hero of Argentina. Messi continues to play that role effectively. When he needed to score, he did. When the goal ball has to be arranged, he did. Even himself doing great finishes. Messi is a footballer whose foot magic is waiting to be seen by football lovers all over the world. Like Maradona, Messi dreams of leading the team to win the World Cup.

Argentina’s shock at the start of the World Cup and then a comeback – remind the team of 1990. Who lost to Cameroon in the first match of service. Then they started winning and reached the finals. In the final, though they lost to Germany. The previous time, Diogo Maradona’s spectacular football had won them the cup.

After 1990, 2022, the World Cup final is going to be held tomorrow, the opponent of Messi’s Argentina is unstoppable France, it is just a matter of time before who claims the World Cup.

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