Ronaldo is devastated by the broken dream


Cristiano Ronaldo’s journey to the World Cup in Qatar ended with disappointment and controversy. But he can’t accept such a fading farewell from his heart. That’s what the superstar of Portugal said in the media on Sunday.

Ronaldo wrote, “Winning the World Cup for Portugal was the biggest dream in my football life. I was lucky to have many successes on the international stage for Portugal. But the biggest dream was to establish my country on the World Cup stage.” He also said, “I fought hard to make my dream come true. In my 16-year football career, I scored my first goal in match number five on the World Cup stage. I had the opportunity to play with the best footballers and we were surrounded by millions of Portuguese fans. I desolated my all on the field. But Never turned away from a fight or my dreams.”

Coach Fernando Santos also dropped him from the first eleven in the Morocco match on Saturday. Ronaldo also revealed that the decision disappointed him. “But unfortunately that dream came to an end on Saturday and I don’t even want to respond to the controversy that has been created about me,” he said. He also wrote, “I want to tell everyone clearly that something has been said to me, many things have been written and guessed. But the responsibility to Portugal has not changed even for a moment. As a warrior, I have struggled to reach the goal”.

Ronaldo added, “There’s nothing special to say now. Thank you to Portugal. Thank you to Qatar. As long as the dream lasted, it was beautiful. Hopefully, there will be an environment where you can make your own decisions.”

Portugal’s ex-footballer and many others are angry with the decision of Santos.

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