Society is created by our wants, government by our wickedness

Since man is a social animal, it is incumbent upon him to live in a society as a civilized being, conforming to its conventions and mores. Man is a bundle of varied wants and if left alone, he may find the going rough and tough. It is out of the compelling contours of existence that the idea of having some form of a group or collective life must have occurred to him in the initial stage of social evolution. If society is the outcome of man’s growing needs and their possible satisfaction, the creation of government, armed with coercive powers, must have come about as a result of man’s wicked nature and his propensity to harm others. The cult of ‘might is right’ could not be sustained for a long time and thus was born the institution of government that could curb all negative forces in an individual or a group of law-breakers. Evil in man can work havoc and one need not go far to see what anarchy means. Had there been no government, wickedness would have been the reigning rule of life and the social fabric would have been torn to pieces.

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