300 Pakistanis died in a boat sinking near Greece

 Every year, at least a few thousand Pakistanis try to enter Europe illegally at the hands of human traffickers. Many people died while crossing that dangerous road. Just last Wednesday, around 300 Pakistanis are said to have died when a boat capsized near Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. However, the local media claimed the death toll. Even after five days of the incident, the Pakistani government is tight-lipped. They only said that 10 people have been arrested for involvement in human trafficking. National Day of Mourning is observed today to remember the dead. 

9 of the arrested have been arrested from Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. Most of those who lost their lives also live in this region. The local administration informed us that the interrogation of those involved in trafficking is going on. The United Nations refugee agency said between 400 and 750 people were picked up in an old rusty boat. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, they could not confirm how many people were on the boat

12 people have been rescued in this disaster. Pakistani media claimed that around 300 Pakistanis died. Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office has ordered a speedy investigation and informed that all those involved in human trafficking will be caught immediately and be given appropriate and exemplary punishment.

The political situation in Pakistan has always been turbulent.  The economic situation is also deplorable. In this situation, in the face of economic and social insecurity, many people in this country are trying to escape from the country either by obeying the law or through the loopholes of the law. Every year, a large number of youths from East Punjab, North West Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province try to enter Europe via Iran, Libya, Turkey, and Greece. 

According to many, “Government knows everything”.

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