Horrors of War

 It is said that man is a fighting animal. This is why
there have been so frequent fights between individuals, tribes, races, and
nations from the earliest time.

At first, wars were fought with bows and arrows, swords
and spears, and horses. Then came guns, cannons, and motor vehicles carrying
them and the soldiers. Now we have airplanes to drop bombs for quick results.
Rockets, missiles, nuclear and biological warfare are the latest weapons for
mass killing.  The changes in methods
have made wars more and more horrible. When armies fought with bows and arrows,
swords and spears, there was a spirit of chivalry in them. But victory in modern
wars depends on the cowardly act of striking the enemy unaware and unprepared.
Moreover, as they are total was, no distinction is made between civil and
military populations. So no scruple is felt in bombing even whole cities out of
existence by sudden attacks. In
fact development of nuclear weapons threatens to
wipe out civilization altogether. Bombs infect the survivors with the poison of
various incurable diseases. We still see these horrors in Japan so many years
after the first atom bombs were dropped there. The economic life also of the
countries concerned is shattered by the destruction and miseries of the people
know no bounds.

The motive of modern warfare is to capture the resources,
domination, and imperialistic mentality of the leaders of the super-nuclear
power country.

Another dangerous feature of modern war is that it
does not remain confined to a few countries. Almost every country is compelled by
force of circumstances to take sides so that the war soon turns into a global

It is our global irony of fate that one or few leaders of some countries,
developed with nuclear weapons, will direct the survival of the global people.

Every human being from the ages of 8 to 80 years
should come out from every nook and cranny 
of this global village and shout for peace and
stopping the war leaving the diplomatic efforts of International Organisations for

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