The Spring Festival – The Festival of colors

the time of falling leaves, nature has turned into fire. Red Shimul on trees.
The wind of spring is blowing. The campus is full of Spring Festivals. The color festival of the spring is going to be celebrated the night
after today. Today’s night is celebrated by burning dried straw leaves, grass,
and tree branches. Everyone from pre-primary to college students will
participate in the procession on the morning of Spring Festival in Colors and
Abirs (kind of perfumed red powder that the Hindus throw at each other during
the festival). It is also called Holly Festival.

        Devotees in various Radha-Krishna temples
celebrate the Swing Festival with great sincerity and through Kirtan (unanimous

       Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore inaugurated
the first Spring Festival in Bengal. The song of Rabindranath Tagore at the Spring
Festival urges people to come to closure –  ‘Khol
dwar khol laglo j doll’ i.e. The Swing seemed to open the door.

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