Abnormal drought in Europe: report of the EU

 In some places, the river has dried up and turned into a field, and in some places, the forest area and its adjacent settlements are burning in a terrible fire. In this way, a large part of Europe has been burnt by intense heat waves during the summer season this year. A report of the European Union says that the entire continent has not seen such a terrible drought in the last five hundred years. Environmentalists are already warning that the situation may get worse in the next few years.

  A report released by the European Union’s Joint Research Center says 47 percent of the continent is now under alert. The amount of moisture in the soil has decreased. The situation in 17 percent of areas is worse. Where drought is going to have a direct impact on agriculture. According to the report, due to this unprecedented drought, the incidence of wildfires is increasing in different countries of Europe. Hydropower generation is disrupted due to low rainfall. Due to intense wildfires, the number of people dying is increasing. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans have become homeless as a result of drought and wildfires in many areas.

   Drought conditions have been created mainly in countries like France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Serbia, Portugal, Britain, Spain, Romania, and Ukraine.

    The European Union report said the excessively dry weather has caused severe damage to crops, with the production of soybeans, sunflowers, and corn falling by 15, 12, and 16 percent respectively.

    Meteorologists say that until November this year, drought and heat waves will be seen in Western Europe and the Mediterranean region. They issued a warning to Europe saying that global warming is to blame.  

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