All speech ends but silence endures

 Between the faculties of speech and silence, the former enjoys a pride of place among human beings whereas the latter is the privilege of saints and sages. The fact remains that no speech can take the place of silence which has numerous nuances and innumerable interpretations. With the departure of man, the gift of gab that he enjoyed, and exercised over his listeners, becomes silent for ever. His oratory ends with the end of his speech. We may gloat over the recorded pieces of his speech, song, or other oratory skills, but as far as the fresh bouts of his speech are concerned, they have come to an end with the stoppage of his heart-beating.

On the contrary, an ascetic lost in silent meditation, evokes a halo, the hues of which we can seldom fathom or fully understand. Pieces of art, like sculpture, painting, wall carvings and the like, though silent in nature and yet offer a fulsome feast of excitement and exultation. These pieces of excellence, preserved through ages, tell more in their silence and communicate far better with their enraptured onlookers than the spoken words before an indifferent audience.

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