The whole world witnessed the opening ceremony of the World Cup held in Qatar

After receiving the responsibility of the World Cup, the opening ceremony of the World Cup football was held in Qatar with a lot of criticism. The opening ceremony of the World Cup started at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar on Sunday. The frenzy that surrounds the opening of the World Cup every four years was repeated at Al Bayt.
  This is the first winter football World Cup. However, due to the desert heat, every stadium is air-conditioned. The first World Cup in the Arab world. Qatar is the first host nation that has not played in the World Cup before. There has never been a World Cup in such a small country, in so few stadiums (8), in such a short time (28 days). A host of stars including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and possibly the last World Cup. This is the first semi-automated offside technology at the World Cup.

Many people from different countries were present to watch the opening ceremony of the World Cup. The opening ceremony started at the scheduled time. The FIFA president and world-renowned artists were present on the stage. La’eeb, the mascot of the Qatar World Cup, floated out of nowhere in the magical atmosphere of the play of lights. Dance and music performances by artists enriched the event. 

Traditional artists present at the event narrated the history and culture of Qatar.

Through this memorable opening ceremony, Qatar can use its culture, heritage, and traditions to set an example in front of the whole world.

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