Don’t lose hope, Messi’s message to fans

Perhaps no one could have imagined that such an incident would happen at the beginning of the World Cup in Qatar. Argentina lost 1-2 in the first match to Saudi Arabia. Now the only question in everyone’s mind is whether Argentina will be able to overcome the shock of this loss and reach the next round.

 Argentina’s captain wants to forget this nightmare and now look ahead. Messi said after the match, “No one could have imagined that our World Cup campaign would start like this. We have to be ready for the next match. We have to win. It’s up to us”.
 Argentina had to lose despite going ahead with Messi’s goal. The Argentine captain said, “We don’t want to make any excuses. Our team will be stronger and more united after this loss. We haven’t faced such a situation for a long time. This time we have to prove it. The legendary footballer said, “Tell the fans, trust us. We won’t let you down”. Messi’s comments about Saudi Arabia, “We knew, the Saudi Arabian team has good footballers. They were bringing up the defensive line. We had that in mind. But we couldn’t control the pace in the match”.
 Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni said at the press conference, “we have to forget the failure of the first match and look forward to the Mexican match”. He further added, “We have no other way. We have to stand up from here and move forward”.

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