Clearance central govt. for needleless vaccination to prevent corona


A nasal vaccine, an alternative to injection, has come to the market as an antidote to corona. Bharat Biotech’s intra-nasal Covid vaccine or Incovacc has been cleared by the central government of India. Adults can take this vaccine as a booster dose. Those who have previously received two doses of Covishield or Covaxin are eligible to receive this vaccine. Incovacc will be found in private centers for now.

The vaccine was approved by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) a few weeks ago after three rounds of trial application. On December 1, the official statement said this is the world’s first intra-nasal covid vaccine. It is expected that the cost of this nasal vaccine will be much higher than that of the covishield-covaxin. 

This type of vaccine acts as a ‘first entry block’ and creates immunity in the mucous membrane of the nose. Because it is through these that the pathogen or virus first enters the body. Prevents infection by preventing subsequent spread to others.

Two people can be vaccinated with one vial of Incovacc. The manufacturer’s researcher said that a person would be given four drops in one nostril and a total of eight drops in two nostrils. This vaccination will be provided in two phases at an interval of four weeks.

Just as Incovacc does not require a needle in one direction, administration of the vaccine requires no human touch at all. This antidote is kept at a temperature of two to eight degrees. The possible side effects of this vaccine include fever, headache, and sneezing. 

However, Bharat Biotech claims that there is virtually no possibility of fatal physical problems. This vaccine will develop immunity by producing antibodies in the body. Since the covid virus mainly infects through the nose, the antibodies produced by this vaccine will fight the virus and prevent it from entering the body.

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