Joshimath is collapsing, people are awake at night with worry

 As time progresses, more and more cracks are being noticed in the houses and roads of Joshi Math. Where will they go and take shelter if the home of the people who are afraid of the cracked house collapses? Some lay carpets to cover the cracks in the floor, and others hang curtains on the walls in an unsuccessful attempt to cover the damages.

Experts say the ancient city of Joshimath is sinking into the mountain. The deadly disease that the city had been afflicted with over the past few years had its sights set on it. The houses, land, and roads of Joshimath were cracked open. The situation has turned dire in the last 15 days. Last few days ago on Friday night, there was news of an abandoned temple collapsing. After that, many did not have the courage to stay at home. As a result, they had to spend the night under the open sky in severe winter. The administration has informed that cracks have been found in 600 houses.

The Uttarakhand Chief Minister met the affected people and assured them of rehabilitation and help.

Badrinath and Hemkund Sahib have to be reached over this town in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. That road is also now under the danger zone. 

Scientists are amazed that a small earthquake can cause colossal damage. The Joshimath-Malari road leading to the India-China border, an important road, has also seen cracks in several places.

Geologists have explained the reasons for the collapse of Joshimath as follows:-

1) Joshimath was built on top of the rubble in a Himalayan landslide-prone area.

2) Heavy construction is going on without warning.

3) The road has been widened by cutting tunnels and collapsing boulders.

4) Hotels and houses have sprung up everywhere.

5) Construction of multiple dams and reservoirs on the nearby Alaknanda river has increased the pressure on the ground.

6) Constructions like the Tapovan-Vishnugarh hydroelectric project and the Helang Pass increase the pressure on the city’s shaky bedrock.

7) Besides, the reduction in soil capacity due to rainfall is also quite worrying.

According to experts, steps to be taken to protect this living city are:-

1) The city has to be divided into smaller parts by evacuating dangerous areas.

2) Implementation of a new drainage system is necessary to save the city.

3) Check the capacity of stone place to place and construction of roads for monsoon water transportation.

4) Plant many trees and nurture them like children.

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