The ancient center of learning was found at Bharatpur in East Burdwan


Excavations over the past few days at Bharatpur village near Budbud in East Burdwan of West Bengal have yielded preliminary evidence of a Buddhist monastery. Indian archeology has always engaged in excavations. A kind of ancient oblivion school was found in this area.

According to archaeologists, several architectural traces of the 9th and 10th centuries have been found. It includes a house or room. Outside that room, traces of a wall were found. According to archaeologists, it is likely to be a place of worship and a center of learning. 

According to archaeologists, worship and study were conducted in such rooms. This place is believed to have been used by Buddhist monks for quite some time. It can be assumed that it became known as a center or institution for the practice of Buddhism.

Excavations in this area started in 1971- 72 under the joint initiative of the Archaeological Survey of India and Burdwan University. Then a Buddhist stupa was found. Small Buddha images are found in Bhumiparsha (art of meditation) coins. This room was found in the area adjacent to the Buddha stupa (Buddhist architecture). Until now, 16 consecutive bricks have been found on the walls of the room. This wall is probably at the very bottom of the room. In that case, it can be assumed that it was a large room. The brick and masonry still look like it was built in the 9th-10th century.

The stupa is estimated to be thousands of years old. A brick wall running from north-west to south-east is understood on the northern side of the stupa. Which is probably the post-Gupta period. However, evidence of human habitation in this area dates back to the second-first millennium BC. Its traces have been found in recent excavations. According to archaeologists, an ancient agricultural civilization was born in this fertile land along the banks of the river.

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