India stands by Turkey in the face of natural disaster

The subsequent rise in death tolls in Turkey and Syria from massive earthquakes was not unexpected. According to the World Health Organization, this number may go up to 8 times.


India like other countries stood by Turkey on this day of calamity. Rescue teams of the Indian Disaster Response Force, specially trained dogs, medical equipment, drilling machines, etc. have also arrived. Turkey’s ambassador to India has called India a true friend in times of danger.

It is the middle of winter in Turkey. Many people are under the open sky in the bone-shaking cold. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the temperature may drop further in Turkey and there is also the possibility of snowstorms. After the earthquake, those who no longer have homes or are unable to return home, are gathering in one place. Overcrowded in a small refugee camp with no heating system, the risk of spreading respiratory diseases is high. However, many people who have lost their families and become alone overnight are looking for shelter in the crowd of unknown faces. Many others are walking around in the darkness of the night with broken heaps of their loved ones.

“It’s a race against time. A minute lost means a life lost,” said the director of WHO.

Syria’s economic situation is already bad after years of civil war, compounded by this terrible natural disaster. In addition to malnutrition, cholera outbreaks have occurred in this country.

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