Atsu could not come back from the face of death


Finally found Christian Atsu. Ex-Chelsea footballer missing after Turkey earthquake. After the earthquake, Atsu was unable to find panic in the minds of supporters. Finally, he was rescued from the rubble and admitted to the hospital. 31-year-old Atsu has injured his leg and is also suffering from breathing problems.

Ghanaian footballer Atsu has played for two clubs Chelsea and Newcastle in the EPL. Now he plays for the Turkish club Hatayspor. This club is located in the Kahramanmaras area. Where the effect of the earthquake was terrible.

According to Turkey, Atsu was rescued alive from the rubble of the earthquake and admitted to the hospital.  He is now undergoing treatment for leg injuries and breathing problems.

The above news was published a day after the earthquake. But it was later learned that Atsu’s lifeless body was recovered from a multi-story rubble pile in Antakya, Turkey and arrangements were made to send the body to Ghana.

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