Mask’s unbridled dominance on Twitter and attitude towards India


Twitter is a social media company, and Elon Musk has been using his authoritarian mindset to manage it ever since he bought it. Elon Musk has been running it entirely of his own will.

This billionaire thinks he knows more than anyone who works on Twitter. As a result, he is creating a distance between the workers. Employees who work at Twitter have two options open to the dictator mask, either bow to the strictest terms and accept his new orders or be fired. By buying Twitter, Elon Musk entered his empire as an iconoclastic terror. He fired one by one the employees who had pointed out his mistakes and publicly criticized him at the outset.

Twitter, which banned former US President Donald Trump, Musk has come and launched the account. In order to make Twitter profitable, he announced that Twitter’s blue tick holders would have to pay $8 a month.

Since buying Twitter, Elon Musk’s goal has been to cut costs. The impact of which has gone to India. Twitter closes two of its three offices in India. One is in Delhi and another is in Mumbai. But there have been no layoffs, and employees have been told to continue working from home. At the moment the work is being done from the office in Bangalore, India, and is mainly staffed by engineers.

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