New Covid Variant in Israel, World Health Organization Watched

 Again a new variant of corona appeared. The name of the country is Israel. Experts believed that after 3 years, the corona epidemic is almost at an end. Meanwhile, scientists are shocked by the arrival of new variants. According to media reports, after a couple returned to Israel from a foreign trip, they underwent RT-PCR tests and were diagnosed with the infection.

Tests showed a combination of new variants of Covid BA.1 and AB.2. Israel’s Ministry of Health reported that the patients had a fever, headache, and body aches. Nothing too extreme and no serious treatment is needed.

Israel’s covid expert said mixing of two corona variants is a known phenomenon and when the virus variants come into contact with each other, this is what they try to do.

Last month, Israel’s Ministry of Health lifted the mask-wearing rule in hospitals and health centers. The World Health Organization says it is aware of the ongoing genetic evolution of Omicrons. They are monitoring the matter. On their website, they will keep up to date with the current situation of the epidemic and the active variants. The whole world will benefit from it.

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