Next to Pele and Maradona is the legendary footballer Messi

 Lionel Messi is going to be honoured with an extraordinary honour. The statue of Argentina’s captain who won the World Cup, Copa America in Qatar will sit in the museum of CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation).

“I never dreamed that something like this could happen to me,” said Messi, overwhelmed by the news of such recognition for his unique contribution to football. Messi added, “When I started the game, my only dream was to be a professional footballer and to do what I love in life. It’s been a long road. I’ve had to make a lot of difficult decisions. I’ve had many defeats. But I’m always looking forward.”

Messi said in his speech, “Not only that, I tried every moment to win, to take the champion’s trophy. I always thought that the fight is the most important thing to make dreams come true. Don’t shy away from the fight. The bigger thing for me was to enjoy football.  I never thought anything could be more beautiful than this game.”

Argentina won the World Cup after 36 years in Qatar thanks to Messi’s unconditional dedication to football and impeccable football. CONMEBOL is going to recognize this historic event by erecting his statue next to Pele-Maradona. Messi was given a special memento for his success in Qatar. The 35-year-old superstar also scored his 800th career goal recently. Scored 99 goals in the country’s jersey. Meanwhile, Maradona’s country will play a FIFA friendly against the Caribbean island nation of Curacao, where the Argentina captain has the opportunity to score his 100th goal in the country’s jersey.

Messi was photographed standing next to his statue holding a World Cup trophy awarded by CONMEBOL. The event took place at the headquarters of the South American Football Association in Luque, Paraguay. Lionel Scaloni, the coach of the Argentine team, was welcomed.

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