Biogas production plan from chicken manure


So far organic gas was produced from dung gas in the state, now it will be produced from chicken feces. The West Bengal Poultry Federation has taken the initiative to build this gas production project from chicken farms. They have signed an agreement with Indian Oil (IOC). Along with this, the organization requested the state for assistance.

It has been decided that methane and ammonia gas will be produced from chicken excrement under the National Bio Energy Programme, a central project to generate energy from lightning. Methane gas will be used especially in cooking. Also, since the combustion capacity is more than CNG, it will be used as a vehicle fuel and ammonia will be used to make fertilizer, which will also reduce the pollution spread through the farm.

According to the Poultry Federation Committee, there are 300 egg-laying farms in the state. There are about two million chickens. According to Indian Oil Corporation, the state-owned company will provide biogas production technology to the farms. They will also buy the produced gas.  The construction of pipelines is being considered so that farmers can easily supply it. But for now, gas will be supplied to Indian Oil from the farm through the gas cylinder.

According to the Poultry Federation, once gas production starts, farm incomes will increase rapidly. Each gas plant will cost Rs 10 crore and produce two tonnes of gas daily. The owners can sell it for 62 rupees per kilogram. According to the federation, each factory is likely to employ about 30 people.

However, the respective farm owner has to invest in making this factory. For this reason, the Poultry Federation has already made an agreement with some banks regarding the issue of loans. The Federation has discussed with the state regarding financial assistance.

India is emphasizing on increasing the use of natural gas as a fuel for industrial production, transportation, cooking, etc. in order to reduce oil import costs and pollution.

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