Time hurts, time heals

 Of aĺl the forces of nature, time is both invincible as well as inexorable. If it hurts and causes irritation and inconvenience, it consoles and comforts the sufferer as well. The old adage that time is a great healer, has kept the human race in a state of readiness to face the worst and expect the best. If at one point of time, destruction on a massive scale unnerves us, it is no less miraculous that time offers healing touches to our wounded psyches and broken hearts. The history of mankind is a telling saga of tears and cheers, hopes and fears, trials, and tribulations. Time like a hard task-master keeps us on our toes and as the ringmaster of the circus or arena, it harries us and also harmonizes our concepts and concrete actions. During the short span of time that we spend after birth, time plays a pivotal role in the lives of one and all. For some, time is always out of tune, while for others it is never a deceptive agent of nature. In order to make a mark in life, we must always try to comprehend time’s temper and attune our thoughts, talents, and actions to its changing mores and moods.

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