When Mount Semeru in Indonesia erupts, people want to avoid it

 Authorities have warned residents to stay away from the eruption area after the Semeru volcano in the Indonesian province of East Java Island erupted.

The mountain, which is 3676 meters above sea level, is still in the third danger level, below level IV, the highest.

The volcano erupted 12 times on Friday, according to the Semeru Volcano Monitoring Post, according to Xinhua News Agency. According to Semeru Volcano Monitoring Post Officer Ghufron Alwi, the volcano ejected hot ashes as far as 3.5 km from the crater to the southeast at 1:43 a.m.

Authorities warned people to be on the lookout for eruptions and to stay away from its southeast sector, which is 13 km wide and has a 5 km radius around the summit.

The eruption of Mount Semeru in December 2021 caused tens of thousands of people to flee home and claimed more than 50 lives.

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