Javier Milei: An outsider from Argentina’s far right wins the presidency

 Right-wing candidate Javier Milei emerged victorious in Argentina’s presidential election on November 19, 2023, and will take office as the nation’s next leader. Javier Milei has taken the Argentine public’s growing dissatisfaction with rising levels of poverty to heart by making a number of lofty promises.

Alberto Fernández has been replaced as President of Argentina by Javier Milei.

Following the declaration of the election results, Sergio Massa, the Finance Minister for the Peronist Party, conceded defeat and wished Javier Milei well on his victory.

Ninety-five percent of the votes were cast in the presidential election, which went to Javier Milei with 55.8 percent and Sergio Massa with 44.2%, according to the Argentine Election Authority.

Argentina’s 95% voter turnout in the country’s presidential election is indicative of the country’s growing democracy.

Javier Milei outperformed his opponent by 11.6 percent in the vote.

Furthermore, this outcome represents the largest election result in Argentina since democracy was restored in 1983.

In the streets of Buenos Aires, the country’s financial centre, people celebrated the election results by honking their car horns. Milei’s win would cause Argentina to shift to the right.

Miley began his professional life as a TV host.

Numerous local political analysts in Argentina claim that the desire for change in Argentina was more important than Javier Milei’s personal qualities in this victory. The majority of Argentines are disappointed with the outcome of this election.

It is significant to note that Argentina’s inflation rate has risen to over 140%, which has made the nation’s poverty worse.

Argentina’s public has been assured by Javier Milei that inflation will be reduced. In light of this, Milei was able to secure a majority victory in the elections thanks to the Argentine people.
Javier Milei receives congratulations from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on winning the Argentine presidential election.

He congratulated Javier Milei and expressed his eagerness to collaborate closely with him to broaden and diversify the strategic alliance between Argentina and India.

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