Javier Milei: An outsider from Argentina’s far right wins the presidency

 Right-wing candidate Javier Milei emerged victorious in Argentina’s presidential election on November 19, 2023, and will take office as the nation’s next leader. Javier Milei has taken the Argentine public’s growing dissatisfaction with rising levels of poverty to heart by making a number of lofty promises. Alberto Fernández has been replaced as President of Argentina … Read more

India provides humanitarian aid to Palestine in the Israel-Hamas conflict

With 32 tonnes of aid, an Indian Air Force (IAF) C17 aircraft took off for El-Arish Airport in Egypt on Sunday in order to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, who are engulfed in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Foreign Affairs Minister S Jaishankar reiterated New Delhi’s resolve to provide aid to Gaza residents in … Read more

Aid to Gaza stopped as communications were disrupted for a second day

Aid organisations stopped cross-border humanitarian supply deliveries into the Gaza Strip on Friday, citing concerns that people may soon face starvation, as communication systems in the region went down for a second day on Friday due to a lack of fuel to power phone networks and the internet. Israel has been advancing further into Gaza … Read more

Scientists predict that around 2029, Earth will probably lock into breaking the critical warming threshold

If the world keeps burning fossil fuels at its current rate, it will probably not be able to keep global warming below the internationally agreed-upon temperature limit in a little over five years, or sometime in early 2029, according to a new study. The study brings the date of the global temperature threshold—a rise of … Read more

On a lengthy journey to Jupiter, NASA’s Lucy spacecraft swoops past the first of ten asteroids

On its arduous journey to Jupiter, NASA’s Lucy spacecraft encountered the first of ten asteroids on Wednesday. In the main asteroid belt beyond Mars, the spacecraft passed the tiny Dinkinesh on Wednesday, approximately 300 million miles (480 million kilometers) away. NASA described the spacecraft’s passing at 10,000 mph (16000 kph) as “a quick hello.” As … Read more

Israel increases its ground offensive into Gaza

On Monday, Israeli armor and troops advanced further into northern and central Gaza, despite warnings from the UN and medical personnel that airstrikes are getting closer to hospitals where thousands of injured Palestinians and tens of thousands of Palestinians have sought refuge. The primary north-south highway in Gaza, which the Israeli military had earlier instructed … Read more

India’s Aditya-L1 solar observatory departs from the influence of the planet

According to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India’s solar observatory Aditya-L1 has successfully left Earth’s gravitational field and has travelled more than 9.2 lakh kilometers so far. The Aditya-L1 is currently navigating its course towards the Sun-Earth Lagrange Point 1 (L1), according to the Indian space agency. It said that the Mars Orbiter Mission … Read more

Failure of Russia’s Ambitious Luna-25 Mission

The ambitious Luna-25 mission from Russia has failed after the spacecraft spun out of control and collided with the Moon’s surface. As the nation’s state space corporation, Roskosmos, announced the tragic incident, this marks a disappointing end to Russia’s first moon mission in almost fifty years. On Saturday, as the Luna-25 spacecraft was being placed … Read more

Italy experiences heat, hail, and wildfires

Fires decimated the island of Sicily in southern Italy, and storms and hail tore through the country’s north. On Monday and the early part of Tuesday, the airport in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, was closed to air traffic because smoke from a nearby fire had reduced visibility. Although there were significantly fewer flights, officials … Read more