Novak Djokovic: Winner of Wimbledon Grand Slam title

The whole world witnessed a great Wimbledon final match. The score says Novac Djokovic, a Serbian player, beat Nick Kyrgios, an Australian player, in four sets, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(7-3). In the final, Nick fought fiercely with Djokovic. Djokovic took the tactic which means defensive attack. From the first set, Djokovic seemed under a lot of pressure. Nick’s biggest weapon in the final was his neck-and-neck service. It was very difficult for Djokovic to chase Nick’s service which came at a speed of 125-30 miles per hour. Thus the game reached the fourth set of extreme tension and tight competition.

  The two were playing more cautiously in the fourth set. In particular, Nick kept trying to counter-press Djokovic with his service. But as the match progressed, Novac seemed to be in better shape. Giving Kyrgios no chance to turn around. As both of them could hold their serve, this set went to a tiebreak. Kyrgios made a double fault first. Djokovic was already playing perfectly, so he did not miss this opportunity. 6-1 lead after picking up consecutive points. After Kyrgious got two points but did not defend. 

   Novak overtook legendary Sampras to win 21st Grand Slam and 7th Wimbledon. Congratulate wife on winning trophy on wedding anniversary. Djokovic now aims to match Nadal’s 22nd Grand Slam record.

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